We’ve focused our sessions around three main goals: demonstrating better and more efficient ways to use our products, demonstrating functionality you may not be taking advantage of and discussing the future of our road map. During these sessions, we also want to encourage our users to share their experiences/feedback, creating a rich and collaborative learning environment.

Experience the benefits of attending our User Conference:

  • Participate in the interactive sessions
  • Get a glimpse into what the future looks like for our company, and how you can influence product development
  • Discover the latest in software development, technologies, trends and practices
  • Get one-on-one time with our professionals
  • Network with peers/industry leaders to problem solve, collaborate, and gain fresh ideas
  • Have FUN!


ASPIRE Admin Training

  • In this session, users will be taken through all of the configuration options available in ASPIRE. Whether you are a new user or an experienced system administrator this session will benefit you. 

Originations Roadmap

  • Join us as we give an overview of the critical market challenges we are currently focused on solving in Originations, from first look to pre-book. The LTi Product team will present what we've heard in our conversations with equipment finance leaders and give attendees a chance to ask questions.

  • Participate later in the Originations Roundtable to keep the discussion going with your peers and the LTi Product team!

Originations Roundtable

  • Following up on the Originations Roundtable, join us to discuss various Originations topics, including application onboarding, managing partner needs, and coping with external change forces. We'll use a combination of interactive polls and table discussions to help participants see how their needs overlap with their peers and provide insight to LTi to ensure we are focused on solving the most pressing challenges.

ASPIRE v5: What’s New?

  • Join us as we highlight recent additions to the features and resources available to our customers when working with the ASPIRE v5 product. This will include a demonstration of meaningful features that we have added to the product and additional tools we have created to provide support to our customers when working with it.

ASPIRE v5: What’s Next?

  • Join us as we discuss LTi’s commitment to continuing to add value to the ASPIRE v5 product and the goals we have established to continue delivering best-in-class capabilities for our customers. This session will include a roundtable discussion with attendees based upon feedback that we will be gathering ahead of this year’s conference.

Customer Portal Demo

  • The Customer Portal is the 1st of the functionality that is a part of the next generation of products in ASPIRE. It gives you a look and feel of what the UI will be like and provides you with a way for your customers to more easily do business with you organization. In this session we will be demoing the Customer Portal and talking to what is coming next. We will also end with Q&A, soliciting your feedback on direction.


  • Seamlessly integrate your originations with ASPIRE. In this session, we will explore the use of the ASPIRE API and how data can be effortlessly transferred to and from ASPIRE.

ASPIRE System Reviews & How They Improve User Experience

  • Businesses evolve and change on a regular basis. The ability to understand and utilize your systems to help facilitate continuity and efficiency is crucial during these changes. ASPIRE is a very feature rich and flexible solution. Engaging with LTi resources that are experts in the configuration within ASPIRE has consistently yielded great results and increases in the overall Customer Experience. In this session, we will be walking through ASPIRE System Reviews process and how it works and how it has consistently yielded positive operational results for our clients.

ASPIRE Reconciliation Tips and Tricks

  • Know your Balance Sheet. Tips and Tricks to assist with your ASPIRE portfolio reconciliation.

DocuSign and ASPIRE

  • Explore the possibilities of digital signatures in our digital age. In this session, you will review the capabilities and configuration of the LTi integration with DocuSign.

Advanced Documentation and Invoicing

  • In this session, we will walk through challenges and pitfalls of creating ASPIRE document templates used for documentation, notifications and invoicing.

Workflow and Automation

  • This workshop will introduce users to the workflow capabilities within ASPIRE. The interaction between and configuration of automation triggers and contract profiles. We will review and demonstrate the components of the contract profiles and how to manage the automatic assignment of accounts, tasks, scorecards and document generation.

Advanced Guide to LeasePlus

  • This session is going to highlight some of the hidden features and functions in LeasePlus that will hopefully make your day-to-day work in LeasePlus more efficient. There will be ample time to ask your LeasePlus subject matter experts questions.

LeasePlus Best Practices

  • This session will provide tips and advice on how to use LeasePlus to achieve maximum results. Practical use application on a variety of topics will demonstrated and some newer functionality that might have gone unnoticed will be highlighted.

New and Future Features of LeasePlus

  • Join us for a session on the new and future features of LeasePlus.